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Based out of New Jersey & Florida. Offering events across the U.S. and globally. Fully portable.




Fun Team Building Events throughout Florida!
Team Building Unlimited is now bringing more fun than ever before to teams all across the Sunshine State through exciting, new team building events and activities. We believe that through mindful play and friendly competition team members will find their place to shine within the workplace.

Events and Activities Curated for Competitive Fun
All of the events offered by Team Building Unlimited have been created specifically with the idea of competition, joy, growth, and bonding in mind. The best part about these events? Team Building Unlimited has made it their number one priority to give back to communities through their events. Many of the events offered have been designed to give back to the community, children and people in need, and local charities. That means your team will build on their blossoming leadership skills while making a major impact on the world.

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Salsa & Sangria Challenge

Now this a food challenge that you won’t want your team to miss out on! Teams of ten or more will create their own signature salsa and sangria. The final products are presented to a panel of judges who will determine the winner! Don’t want to include sangria in your challenge? No problem! This event can be adapted to be a Salsa Challenge only if preferred.

The Ultimate Game Show

This event is a game show with a team building twist! One of our most popular events, the game involves 8+ exciting games and challenges that are meant to unite players in friendly competition! Full participation is required from every team member, so the motivation will be at an all-time high!

Bingo Bongo

A game that everyone already loves and knows how to play, Bingo Bongo is a themed game of bingo that has been adapted to make for the coolest team building event out there! Everyone will have the same chance to win as the game is played individually. The Team Building Unlimited staff gives out prizes to winners of each game!

Sun & Sea Sand Building

Come out and show off your team’s creativity under the sun with this team building event that has been perfectly curated for Florida weather! Participants will work together to build custom sand creations that will later be presented and judged. We supply all of the necessary tools to create the ultimate sand castle!

Table Sets and Birthday Boxes

Table Sets and Birthday Boxes is an amazing way for teams to bond as they give back to charity. Participants will help to build children’s table and chair sets, as well as extra-special birthday boxes, to be donated to local kids in need.

You’ve Got Talent

Like a talent show, but better! You’ve Got Talent is your chance to perform and show off all of your unique talents. Participants will have the chance to compete against their fellow team members as they get to know each other even better than before. The winner will have the chance to contribute to a charity of their choice!


The Benefits of Corporate Team Building Events
There are huge benefits to hitting pause on the stressful work life and hitting play on mindful play with Team Building Unlimited. Studies have shown that teams who participate in corporate bonding activities work better together, and therefore, produce higher volumes of better work overall. Team members taking part in fun challenges together presents them with the opportunity to build upon their own leadership skills as they work on their inter-personal and communication skills. Become the hero of your office with a fun event hosted by Team Building Unlimited!

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