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Based out of New Jersey & Florida. Offering events across the U.S. and globally. Fully portable.




Create Your “Dream Team” in Miami, FL!

Bring your team together like never before with a fun team building event in Miami, Florida. Team Building Unlimited specializes in planning and hosting exciting team building events and activities. Our events feature plenty of friendly competition, liveliness, and lots of laughter!

Browse through some of the events offered in Miami and surrounding areas below. Also be sure to check out a complete list of team building events in Miami. 

Totally Board

One thing is for sure: your team WON’T be bored while playing Totally Board! This event is a great way for teams to give back to their community. Totally Board involves building and designing skateboards for local, underprivileged children. Team members will have the opportunity to become mentors as they help kids to build and decorate their very own skateboard, helmets, backpack, and safety pad. This event can be done with or without kids present.

The Ultimate Game Show

The Ultimate Game Show is a competition game show-style team building activity. The game itself is more than just one simple game and requires FULL participation from everyone playing–that’s what makes it such an awesome team building activity! Play through 8+ games and challenges to unite your teams in friendly competition and fun. Everyone on your team will be laughing as they compete to win the “game show”!

Clap It!

What makes Team Building Unlimited’s Clap It team building event so fun is that it’s easy for everyone to do! Clap It uses synchronized clapping as an expressive way for teams to collaborate and unite as a team. Teams can utilize their creative sides by clapping along to music and performing together at their very best!

Bridge to Success

Unleash your inner engineer! Bridge to Success will require your team to get creative and think critically as they design and construct a 30 foot long bridge made only out of newspaper, cardboard, and a limited collection of other supplies. Each individual team will be responsible for a different section of the bridge and at the end, an RCV must be able to navigate across the team’s bridge to reach success!

Snuggle & Cuddle Friends

Snuggle & Cuddle Friends is one of the best events for teams to give back to charities as they spend time bonding together. Participants will prepare cuddly and soft stuffed animals for underprivileged children or kids in need right within their community. Through these events, Team Building Unlimited has donated thousands of stuffed animals to children’s hospitals, military families, shelters, schools, and more.

Level-Up Scavenger Hunt

Who doesn’t love a scavenger hunt?! Level-Up Scavenger Hunt is an exciting game that requires searching and finding specified items within a given period of time. The first team to complete the scavenger hunt wins! Teams get more and more competitive as the game goes on—with each new level, point values rise!


Why Team Building?
Team building events have proven to be extremely effective in improving work life and company culture within an organization.

Team building events have been proven to improve workplace morale, as the friendly competition brings them together in new ways. When participating in these events, team members will have a chance to work together towards a common goal outside of the daily work goals and tasks that they are asked to complete within their standard workplace environment. The team members will have to communicate with each other on a different level in order to meet the common goal of the activity that they are trying to complete. This means that the communication between colleagues will be improved, which will in turn improve the overall productivity.

There is something for everyone!
Some of the events offered by Team Building Unlimited are more standard types of competition, like a game show, a game of bingo, or a scavenger hunt. Others require creativity, critical thinking, or the use of specific skills such as being able to cook or create art.

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