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Team Building Events in Orlando, Florida
Need a way to bring your team together, build a strong foundation of teamwork, and just have fun together outside of the office?

Plan the ultimate bonding event for your team! Team Building Unlimited offers a wide variety of team building events and activities for Orlando-based corporate teams. Originally based out of New Jersey, Team Building Unlimited has recently opened an office based directly out of Orlando, Florida to ensure that we are able to better serve our clients in the area!

Now’s the time to get your Orlando-based team out of their comfort zone and into some fun team building. Get your team together and plan for a day of fun with benefits that will extend into the workplace and beyond!

Our Most Popular Events in Orlando, FL

The events below are some of our most requested in Orlando.

Cake Wars

Cake Wars is a fun team building event that incorporates culinary skills, creativity, and critical thinking! To win, your team will have to put their heads together and “think outside of the cake box”! The design, color, theme, and presentation of your cake will determine who the TRUE cake bosses are! Teams can even win fun bonus decorative ingredients through mini challenges!

The Ultimate Game Show

Ultimate Game Show is exactly what it sounds like (plus so much more!). In this team building activity, team members will compete in a fun game show-style competition. Over 8 fun and competitive games are played in teams to determine a winner! The games played throughout the competition are a perfect mixture of classic and original. This is a team building event that is sure to not only keep everyone on their toes, but to have the entire room erupting in laughter!

Salsa & Sangria Challenge

There is nothing better than a food challenge! Teams of ten or more will have the chance to create their own signature salsa and sangria. The final products will then be presented to the panel of judges who will determine the winner! Don’t want to include sangria in your challenge? No problem! This event can be adapted to be a Salsa Challenge only if preferred.

Bridge to Success

Unleash your inner engineer! Bridge to Success will require your team to get creative and think critically as they design and construct a 30 foot long bridge made only out of newspaper, cardboard, and a limited collection of other supplies. Each individual team will be responsible for a different section of the bridge and at the end, an RCV must be able to navigate across the team’s bridge to reach success!

Totally Board

Totally Board is one of Team Building Unlimited’s best team building activities offered in Orlando… and it’s for a great reason. Totally Board unites team members for a great cause, as participants will spend their time working together to build skateboards for local, underprivileged children. The team will decorate skateboards and helmets, and will also receive backpacks and safety pads!

Team Olympics

Team Olympics provides your team with the opportunity to be active and bond while doing so! This event is held half indoor and half outdoor, with the goal of uniting your group in a social and competitive atmosphere through fun games. Both athletic and non-athletic games are included to allow for participants of all ages and abilities to have an awesome time! Which team is going to win the gold medal?

More Team Building Opportunities in Orlando, FL
The team building activities listed above are some of the most popular events offered by Team Building Unlimited in the Orlando area. If you don’t feel that any of these activities are right for your team and the event you were envisioning, be sure to check out the complete list of events offered by Team Building Unlimited!

 Team building is gaining popularity in the corporate world, and it’s for a good reason! Planned team building events can boost workplace morale and even increase productivity among employees. Get started with planning your Orlando event today!

Now Introducing… We Bring the Funny!

We Bring the Funny is now part of TBU’s fabulous event facilitation team, bringing their decades of comedic experience and skills to making your events energized with laughter and fun! 

They bring even more to corporate meetings, company events, trade shows, and more! We know the secret to the most memorable events is the entertainment and comedy and We Bring the Funny are experts at keeping your event humorous and enlivened! The group is made up of a group of professional comedians, writers, and improvisers with a combined 12,000 years of experience in corporate entertainment!

We Bring the Funny uses improv and custom comedy pieces to keep your group engaged. And to take the team build aspect to the next level, they utilize the basic principles of improv to connect with basic principles found within the workplace. All of their event sessions have been designed to break down walls and open lines of communication through exercises, laughs, and experiences.

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Product Charity Giveback

2 for 1 Opportunity!
With Team Building Unlimited, your team can work together to give hope to their local community by giving back to a worthy charity at the same time as they are building team unity and social bonds.

Here at Team Building Unlimited, we have worked for years to create bonds with local organizations and charities.

One Heart for Women and Children

In Orlando, Team Building Unlimited is very honored to have had the chance to work directly with One Heart for Women and Children. This organization is based out of Orlando, FL that works to support local homeless families. One Heart for Women and Children’s mission is to rebuild the lives of women, children, and people who have faced hardships. They work to provide the necessary resources for families in need and are currently helping 22% of families who are currently living below the poverty line in Orlando.

Your team can give back in a HUGE way by making such a significant impact on the greater Orlando area with their event. Every team building activity and event listed below can be structured to donate directly to One Heart for Women and Children. To make an even greater impact, teams also have the option to add onto their event with a monetary donation.

Your team can give back in a HUGE way by making such a significant impact on the greater Orlando area with their event. Every team building activity and event listed below can be structured to donate directly to One Heart for Women and Children. To make an even greater impact, teams also have the option to add onto their event with a monetary donation.

Other Local Charities

Because we have made it our mission here at Team Building Unlimited to make giving back easier than ever before for your team, we take pride in the many local charities that we have partnered with. Does your organization have a specific charity that they are passionate about or a specific cause that they would like to support? Let us know and we would be more than happy to look into partnering with the charity of your choice and/or finding an organization that supports the cause you are interested in giving to!

Events with the Sole Purpose of Team Building!
While almost all of our events can be adapted to be “give-back” charity events, any Orlando event you choose can also be adapted so that they are not charity events.

Team building events have SO many other perks that make them worthwhile, and even events that are just for the sole purpose of getting together and uniting a team can have massive effects on your business.

Planning Your Orlando, FL Team Building Event
Whether your team building event is focused on giving back or simply uniting your team, the type of event you choose really comes down to what will work best for your group!

Think about your team members and consider what kinds of events they may enjoy taking part in. We have events that will suit every type of person.

Have more of an athletic group? Go with something more physically challenging like Team Olympics or Dodge It!

Does your team enjoy solving puzzles and completing challenges? Challenge-based Mission Possible or the puzzling Ultimate Trivia Challenge may be the right events for your group.

Putting together an event for a group of engineers (or people who just enjoy building things!)? Bridge to Success is a really awesome event that allows team members to build a 30 foot bridge out of only newspaper and cardboard. Survivor Raft Challenge will challenge participants to build a real, functional raft that floats using limited supplies.

Have a group that values cooking and/or great food? Culinary for a Cause gives the team the chance to cook a complete meal for a great cause and Healthy Breakfast Challenge puts the team to the test of creating the best healthy breakfast for a panel of judges.

What Makes Team Building Unlimited’s Orlando Corporate Events Unique?
We can assure you that these are NOT your average corporate team building events. There is nothing boring, repetitive, or awkward about our events. We have taken the time to curate unique activities and events. Some are completely made up and will be brand new concepts to participants, and others are classic game concepts with an extra twist to make them even more fun!

Here at Team Building Unlimited, our events have been tested time and time again to ensure that they are 100% fun, engaging, motivational, impactful, and even a little bit silly at times!

What really makes our events so special is more than just the activity itself – it’s also the execution and the facilitation of the events. Our hosts show up to every event ready to get everyone in the group involved and having fun. We take extra steps to make sure that every last detail is perfectly planned out and ready to go ahead of your event. That’s the beauty of Team Building Unlimited, you can sit back and relax, and leave the details of the event to us! We take the extra steps to make sure everything goes smoothly so that you don’t have to.

Giving your team the chance to relax, unwind, and just share a couple of laughs together can really improve how they work together in the office.

Also consider giving back to the local community with our Orlando events. Some of our events have been designed with the give-back portion as the top-of-mind mission. Others are more team-building focused, with elements of giving back sprinkled in.

Travel to Orlando with Your Team!
Planned Conferences: Perhaps you have an upcoming conference in Orlando that most of your team will be present for. We have found that facilitating team building events during work trips and conferences tend to make for some of the best events of all. The team is away from home and in major work mode.

Often times on these types of trips, team members are working so hard they do not have a chance to relax among their colleagues. Hosting an event to help with bonding and encourage laughter is a great way to make everyone feel comfortable and at home.

Team Building Trips: In the event that you don’t have any upcoming plans to travel to Orlando for work but you don’t want to host your event in your company’s home location, you may want to consider treating your event as a sort of destination team building activity. There’s a reason that when it comes to trade shows and corporate events, Orlando is usually one of the first picks on the list.

The city of Orlando is a great place to visit and is known as the “Theme Park Capital of the World.” If your team enjoys spending time outdoors or taking fun trips together, they will definitely enjoy visiting all that sunny Orlando has to offer! Orlando is also home to many fantastic restaurants, hotels, and locations for team building events.

Remote Teams: This is an especially excellent idea for remote teams. If your team is working from remote locations across the nation (or across the globe), then it is likely that many within your team will have to travel in order to spend some quality face-to-face time with each other.

Not interested in hosting your event Orlando, FL?
Team Building Unlimited offers team building events and activities that can be done online, over the phone, or even in person at your office! We have worked with companies all over the United States (and even a few internationally!) to create fun, interactive, and engaging events that help teams bond no matter where they are located. No matter what kind of team building event or activity you are looking for, Team Building Unlimited has got you covered!

We would love to help you plan your next Orlando team building event… and beyond!


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