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Bond with Your Remote Team through Virtual Trivia Team Building Games
December 31, 2021
by Mary Ann Romano
Image of a woman on a virtual call playing trivia

One of the challenges that come along with your team working from home can definitely be team building. Facilitating exciting team building events may seem like more of a challenge when you are not working in an office together every day.

Maybe the challenge doesn’t even come from remote work. Maybe you just have a huge team that you are attempting to host an effective team building event for. 

Or maybe you just can’t think of any fun team building activities that will work to get your team involved.

If any of these issues cross your mind when attempting to get your team together for fun bonding activities, we here at Team Building Unlimited are here to help!

Not only will we give you the best ideas for team building activities, but we will also help you to plan and execute the perfect event.

Image of Hands Holding Up Trivia Signs to show Virtual Trivia as a Team Building Activity

Trivia is a Great Idea for Hosting a Virtual Team Building Event

When it comes to playing a game of trivia, there are so many benefits and very few disadvantages (if any at all).

Trivia is an awesome way to jog your brain, brush up on your knowledge, and even just learn a couple new facts that will be useful for telling at parties. 

Aside from the obvious advantage of learning a handful of new “not-so-important” facts about the world around you, there are many benefits to playing trivia in the bigger picture.

Benefits of Playing Trivia

  • Increased self esteem. When trivia participants are able to correctly respond with the right answer, it can be a huge self esteem booster! They will be ready to take on the next question with a self esteem that shines when new challenges come up.
  • Mood booster. Let’s face it: trivia is fun! It’s a great way to get everyone in the room involved, smiling, and laughing together. There is a reason that people all over the world love playing trivia at special events like birthday parties, baby showers, and other celebratory parties. It’s a dopamine booster. You’ll release the same chemicals in your brain as might be released when gambling and winning. The best part? You’ll receive all of those great feelings without running the risk of negative effects like you would with gambling.
  • It’s entertaining. We’ve all seen the extremely popular television trivia shows like Jeopardy, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, The Price is Right, Family Feud, and more. Why do you think that these television shows became so well-loved among audiences? It just goes to show that even if you’re not one to participate, trivia can still be lots of fun. Onlookers will have a great time trying to decipher the answers in their own heads and then wait to see if what they were thinking was the correct answer. Who knows, they may work up the courage to participate themselves this way!
  • Brain exercise. Did you know that trivia is an awesome way for you to give your brain a bit of exercise? When retaining and repeating facts about things that you are interested in, you are essentially jogging your frontal cortex. This is an important part of the brain to exercise regularly, as once the body begins to age, it can be one of the first parts of the brain to get weak. Exercising your brain in this way can both improve your day-to-day memory and improve cognitive functions.
  • Connection and bonding. As with everything we do here at Team Building Unlimited, human connection is a huge benefit of playing a game of trivia. It gives us the opportunity to step away from technology and work with each other in real-time. You’ll learn a lot about your colleagues just by observing the different trivia questions they are able to answer!
  • Working together as a team. Take the “bonding” and “team-building” aspects to a whole new level by having participants play together as a team. Having a team to cheer on and rely on for questions you may not know the answer to can really make trivia a team-building extreme sport.
  • There is something for everyone. You don’t have to be an all-around interesting factoid genius in order to play trivia. One of the coolest parts of trivia is that it gives everyone the opportunity to pitch in where they feel most comfortable. Those who love math will have fun answering math questions, history buffs will enjoy answering history questions, and those who simply love pop culture will be able to shout out all of their pop culture knowledge. 
  • Learn how to perform under pressure. Let’s be honest, the pressure felt during a game of trivia can be quite high! Especially if you are playing with a team that is relying on your knowledge or if the stakes are really high. Being able to practice performing under a great deal of pressure can really come in handy later, especially in the workplace.
  • Relieve stress. The combination of all benefits above makes trivia an excellent stress reliever. Exercise your brain muscles, smile and laugh with those around you, tap into the areas where you find interest, and form deeper bonds and connections all while you learn some cool new facts and information. 


Making Trivia into a Fun Virtual Event

One of our favorite things about a game of trivia is just how versatile it can be. You can make a game of trivia extremely long and complex, or keep it short and simple. You can play for a grand prize, or just for “bragging rights”. You can have participants play solo to really test their knowledge, or separate out players into teams to increase competition. You can also play trivia all together as a team at an in-person venue, or completely virtually in remote settings. 

The best part of all? Playing trivia virtually with your team can provide all of the same benefits as playing together in person. 

Here at Team Building Unlimited, we have tested virtual vs. in-person trivia team building events. What did we find? Teams will work just as hard (if not, harder!) to participate in virtual trivia games, all while still having the same amount of fun and exercising their brains just the same amount.

Virtual trivia even has some benefits: you can incorporate cool factors like special music in between questions, giving players a big virtual “button” they have to press to answer a question, or having everyone mute their mics throughout so that answers don’t overlap. 

It’s the perfect way to make the team feel like they are all sitting together in one big auditorium, playing a fun game together and learning new information along the way.

How Team Building Unlimited Facilitates Virtual Trivia Team Building Events

When it comes time to plan your team’s virtual trivia night, leave it to us! Here at Team Building Unlimited, we have taken the time to perfectly curate the perfect way to host a virtual game. 

Virtual Trivia: Ultimate Trivia Challenge

Our most popular virtual trivia team building event is called Ultimate Trivia Challenge. This is an event we have hosted hundreds of times, for teams of many different sizes, industries, and backgrounds. 

We will make sure that we have the perfect mix of questions, ranging in types of questions, levels of difficulty, and topics all ready to go for your event. Want us to come ready with customized questions? We can do that, too! Some fun ideas you can incorporate include:

  • Customized to industry. We will research and compile fun questions that are customized to fit your team’s industry. Who knows their industry the best of all!?

  • Questions about your office. For one of the funniest games of trivia possible, you can provide us with some tidbits on information that only the people in your office would know the answers to. Who’s the best person to go to for help with the printer? What’s the last thing that was put into the break room refrigerator? What wacky sweater did the boss wear to the holiday party last year? You are sure to have the entire team erupting in laughter with these kinds of questions.

  • Customized by individual interest. Go around the office and ask what everyone’s main interests are. Maybe the finance manager really loves history, the secretary is a math genius, or one of the accountants is super into learning about exotic animals. Compile a list of everyone’s interests and we will customize the questions so that they are SURE to be interested!

  • Create question tiers. Want to start off with really easy questions and make them harder as we go along? Let us know if you want to try out tiered questions similar to popular game shows. This can be a fun twist to incorporate in the average game of trivia!

Want to give out prizes for trivia winners? Let us know in advance and we will figure out the perfect way to incorporate your exciting giveaways! Prizes or incentives are an amazing way to get the team even more involved than they already will be.

The game is hosted virtually by our charismatic hosts, who will excite and encourage your event’s participants ahead of and during the virtual trivia game. Let us know if you want the players to work individually, or as small teams. We can completely customize the game to fit your team’s needs!

Great for both smaller and larger teams! The event generally lasts about one hour and must be done with a group size larger than 10 and smaller than 500. 

Please contact us with any questions about Ultimate Trivia Challenge at 609-443-6550.

Image of someone writing down their trivia answers for virtual trivia

Virtual Trivia with a Twist: The Q CHallenge

Want to take your virtual game of trivia to the next level? Make your event feel even MORE like a game show with The Q Challenge!

The Q Challenge is one of our overall most popular and most requested team building events–and it is all done virtually!

The Q Challenge is essentially an online game show that gets participants involved right from the comfort of their own homes. With fun aspects of trivia, this event consists of six to eight different games and challenges. These exciting challenges can be customized to fit your team in any way that you’d like.

Just like with the Ultimate Trivia Challenge, our hosts will show up to your online meeting prepared to entertain for The Q Challenge

 The event usually lasts between one and two hours. The games can be played with, at minimum, a group of 10 people and, at maximum, a group of 100 people.

Plan Your Next Team Building Event Today!

If you have never hosted a team building event for your team, it is definitely time. Team building activities have become increasingly popular over the last few years because of the great benefits that they bring within the workplace. 

Placing an emphasis on corporate bonding within your organization will improve communication, trust, energy, and motivation among your team members.

Team Building Unlimited is highly skilled at planning and hosting fun team building events to improve team function and efficiency. These are not your average bonding activities, they’re insanely fun events that everyone will surely remember for years to come. Participants are asked to “take their corporate masks off”, relax, unwind, and just be themselves!

Only work with a remote team? No problem! Almost all of our team building events can be adapted to be hosted virtually rather than in-person. 

We also offer an amazing way to give back to your community through most of our events. We work directly with local charities to ensure that your team-building event plays a charitable role.

We offer events all across the country, as well as in Canada and the Caribbean! Check out some of the primary locations we serve to begin planning your next event.


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