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Making Corporate Bonding a Priority within your Organization
November 1, 2021
by Mary Ann Romano
Image of employees happily smiling after completing a corporate bonding event

Promote Learning and Leadership with Customized, One-of-a-Kind corporate Team Bonding Activities

How many jobs have you worked where you can say that you were good friends with your employees? 

Where you want to go out to dinner and spend time discussing more than just the huge client that you’re always talking about?

It’s totally normal for people to make friends at work, but not as common that all team members feel totally comfortable with talking to or relying on each other.

But when talking about a team who must work together to achieve the same goal, shouldn’t we place more importance on bringing our team together so that they feel extremely comfortable AND excited to spend time together?

The answer is absolutely YES! And we’re here to tell you that this can be done through corporate bonding.

Image of people putting their hands together to display strong corporate bonding

What is Corporate Bonding?

Corporate bonding is a way to bring team members together and foster great relationships. Corporate bonding activities are generally curated to encourage ideas such as collaboration, leadership, and teamwork to shine through.

Some of the ways you can implement corporate bonding within your organization include playing games, hosting events, and even several creative activities that only take a few moments out of the day.

Why is Corporate Bonding Important?

When it comes to bonding, doing so among corporate employees within the workplace is of utmost importance. Making sure that your team has time to bond can really improve how well they work together; which will, in turn, increase their productivity and overall happiness at work. 

Here at Team Building Unlimited, we understand that completing team bonding activities help all participants involved to gain a stronger understanding into learning about how each individual on their team ultimately thinks and solves problems.

There are many benefits to hosting corporate bonding and team-building activities. Some of these benefits include:

  • Team members get to have fun. Plain and simple, the first benefit to implementing corporate bonding games and activities into the workplace is that they are a whole lot of fun. Seriously, this is a way for everyone to have fun at work! The fun only helps to enhance all of the additional benefits seen from these kinds of activities. 
  • An increase in energy. Gone are the days of boring morning meetings where everyone is scrambling to get their cup of coffee put together in time. Team building and corporate bonding activities play a huge role in improving overall energy within the workplace because of how much fun they are. Everyone will be excited to participate and surely they’ll be laughing and smiling the entire time!
  • Team members learn how to communicate effectively. When it comes to working together towards common goals, it’s pretty important that team members know how to and feel comfortable communicating with each other. As they play through the games, individuals learn how other participants prefer to be communicated with (and, in turn, how they prefer NOT to be communicated with–which can be very helpful sometimes!). Even cross-departmental communication can be improved through these activities.
  • Team members will develop trust in one another. A team that doesn’t know each other too well may not have the highest levels of trust in one another. Corporate bonding activities are kind of like the “trust fall” we all used to do as kids (where you fall back and trust that your friend will catch you). Participating in corporate bonding and team-building activities almost forces teams into an environment where they have to trust each other in order to succeed. Fostering this level of trust will surely carry over to their level of trust for one another on a day-to-day basis, which will make the office a much more pleasant place to be.
  • A huge boost in motivation among employees. Rewarding your team members is important! Just as employees tend to feel more motivated when presented with any kind of special benefit, bonus, or added-on daily spiffs, they are sure to feel an increase in motivation when presented with the chance to take part in fun team-building games and activities with their coworkers. 
  • Improved morale in the office.  Let’s be honest, most offices are pretty dreary. The fluorescence lights, fax machine that beeps all day, and all-grey furniture can become really tiring after a while. Livening things up among the team can really help to boost morale in the office, increase positivity, and make employees feel much more excited to come into the office each morning.
  • Employees can develop leadership qualities they may not have discovered before. One of the coolest parts about team building and corporate bonding is that it truly gives each individual participant to shine in a way that feels genuine to them. You’ll notice as you host these activities that some of your coworkers may display sides of them that you haven’t had the chance to see before. This could really lead to the discovery of different leadership qualities that could be useful at the next meeting, or when taking on the next big project!
  • Increased confidence among individuals. Just as participants will have the opportunity to discover and foster their own unique leadership skills, they will also have the chance to work on their confidence when it comes to working on a team. Oftentimes, employees can feel nervous when it comes to sharing their ideas or expressing themselves. Many corporate bonding activities have been created specifically to combat this nervousness!
  • The creation of a space for creativity. This is a benefit that can be especially important for those who work a job that doesn’t provide much room for creativity. Let’s be honest, most jobs may be like this as a lot of the time we are all cramming just to finish our day-to-day tasks. This is where creating and nurturing room for creativity is so important. When employees have the opportunity to think creatively and show a different side of themselves, they are more likely to feel motivated and as if they have an important place within their team.
  • Increased job satisfaction. Job satisfaction is super important when it comes not only to retaining employees but also when it comes to building teams that work productively. Having the opportunity to work together on fun corporate bonding activities is sure to lift their spirits and greatly improve how they feel about their job.
  • Increased overall productivity. When members of an organization learn to communicate with each other, take on leadership roles that feel right to them, and feel an increased sense of workplace satisfaction, production is bound to improve. People who are proud to work for their company and feel like they are well-integrated into a team will work much more efficiently.

Corporate Bonding Ideas

Now that you know why it’s worthwhile to take an hour or two out of the day to focus on corporate bonding for your employees, it’s time to get down to business.

There are so many ways to incorporate corporate bonding into the day-to-day activities at your workplace. It takes only a few moments of dedicated time to plan and host an event or even just a quick game, and the benefits will last long term within your organization. It’s totally worth it!

Check out some of the ideas we have below for ways to incorporate corporate bonding into your workplace.

Corporate Bonding with Prompts

Cut the awkwardness out of bonding! Using fun prompts can make your life a whole lot easier when it’s time to plan a team building activity. 

  • Utilize fun icebreaker questions. Icebreaker questions are great for getting to know people, even people you think you already know well! Icebreakers are fun questions and prompts that give a deeper look into someone’s personality, their values, or their life in general. You can get really creative when coming up with icebreaker questions, as well as coming up with exciting ways to utilize them in the workplace! Check out our ultimate guide to icebreaker questions for an insane amount of question ideas, as well as tips and tricks that will keep everyone interested and involved!
Image of people playing the fun corporate bonding Ultimate Game Show hosted by Team Building Unlimited
  • Host a trivia power-hour. This one can be super easy to prepare for if you’re short on time. Simply search the web for a list of fun trivia questions. There are even themed lists out there if you want to host a game with a specific game. Choose a host (if not yourself), and have them read the questions to everyone. Keep track of who answers the most trivia questions correctly and hand out a prize at the end! The entire group will be laughing as they learn who knows the most “useless” facts out of the bunch! At Team Building Unlimited, we make the average trivia game even easier (and more fun) than ever before with our extremely popular Ultimate Game Show Challenge.
  • Art time and/or classes. Art can be a tremendous way for team members to bond. This can mean drawing, painting, writing, or even performing music. Make this event an interesting success by providing participants with a fun prompt to follow. Some good examples might include “paint a picture of your favorite place” or “write and perform a silly song with a teammate about your favorite part of the workday”.
  • Have a scavenger hunt. Scavenger hunts are great for getting team members up on their feet, working together, and thinking critically! Plan out the rules for your scavenger hunt and begin writing out the steps–or, allow us to take care of that for you! Team Building Unlimited’s Level-Up Scavenger Hunt is a super fun spin on the scavenger hunt. Perfect for remote teams with employees that work from home, the scavenger hunt is completed 100% virtually!
  • Play a “sales pitch” game. Who can secure the best deal out of the team? This is a really fun team building idea that will have everyone’s entrepreneurial spirits shining! Team Building Unlimited’s Hook the Deal event provides a really great opportunity for team members to sell themselves while playing an entertaining sales-focused game!

Corporate Bonding that is Good for the Soul

Some of the best ways to bond with others is through activities that are good for the greater community. When you help your team members to help others, you are likely to become extremely close as you build a bond that is quite unbreakable. Team Building Unlimited takes pride in giving back to the community, and many of the events we offer are directly charity-based. Check out some of our corporate team building ideas that are truly good for the soul.

  • Volunteer together. Plan to host a yearly (or monthly) team building event in which you and your team all volunteer together for a cause that is important to your community. Check out local charities, as well as with the local police, schools, and firemen, to see where your help may be needed. The benefits of volunteering will even go far beyond the benefits of team building. It will also help to build character and values on an individual and personal level.
  • Host a charity event. Give some meaning to your everyday work by hosting a charity event with your coworkers that goes far beyond your average scope of business. Team Building Unlimited makes it easy to host charity team building events and our team would be more than happy to help you plan your next event. Choose from various events to find what works best for your event. Some of the events offered include:

Snuggle & Cuddle Friends: Participants work together to make teddy bears for local children, people in hospitals, schools, and military families. With the help of organizations who want to help their communities, we have been able to donate thousands of stuffed animals to those in need. See more.

Table Sets & Birthday Boxes: Participants work together to build tables and chair sets and prepare “birthday boxes” for local children in need. This event is really awesome as it not only gives back to the community, but also ensures that no one’s special birthday is ever forgotten! See more.

Give A Hand: One of our favorite events we offer is called Give a Hand. In this event, team members work together to build prosthetic hands for amputees around the work. Imagine the impact that an event like this would have! See more.

Totally Board: One of our most popular events offered, Totally Board involves team members building and decorating skateboards for local children. In some cases, we are able to invite the very children who will be receiving the skateboards to the actual event to build them alongside participants! See more.

Food-Related Corporate Bonding Ideas

If you’re anything like us, you know that one of the best ways to bond is over FOOD! Breaking bread together has been a way to bond with others for as long as history remembers. This is also an easy way to get everyone together if you’re short on time for planning the event.

  • Host a company breakfast. Bonding over breakfast is arguably one of the best ways to get to know someone. It’s much different from sitting down and having dinner together, and can even be more interesting and fun! You can keep it simple by ordering bagels, coffee, and donuts for everyone in the office and inviting them all to breakfast in the breakroom. Team members are sure to have a smile on their face as they munch on their tasty breakfast while chatting about the upcoming week’s work.
  • Throw a pizza party! Pizza parties have been fun ever since grade school–and that’s for a good reason! Everyone loves pizza, it’s super easy to call up the nearest pizzeria and order a few pies with different toppings, and everyone gets to kick back, relax, and eat with their hands. Order a few plain pies, some with pepperoni, and maybe throw a few veggie pies in there, and you’re good to go on your corporate bonding for the day! 
  • Host a cooking competition. Ever seen the exciting reality shows Top Chef or Master Chef? Imagine if you got to play along in a competition-style cooking game alongside your coworkers! Bonding over food is great, but bonding while cooking is always awesome! Team Building Unlimited can do all the hard work for you to host a competition exactly like this with our VIP Chefs team building event! In this event, participants are broken up into groups and have to work together to prepare a meal that they will then sit down and enjoy together.
  • Have a “build your own ice cream sundae” event. Everyone loves ice cream! Head to the supermarket and buy a few different flavors of ice cream, along with some fun toppings and maybe even a few different types of cones and bowls to choose from. Then, invite the team into the breakroom to build the sundae of their dreams! What a sweet way to incorporate corporate bonding!
  • Take the team out to lunch. Send out a morning email inviting the team to a lunch out at a local restaurant or food spot. Having the chance to go out together and enjoy a meal in a setting outside of the office is a great way to get the team to bond. 
  • Host a cocktail party. How much fun would an office-wide cocktail party be? Make some fun drinks and set out some finger foods as an exciting and different way to get everyone together. We offer a cool spin on the cocktail hour called Mixology – Glass It Up. Participants will have the chance to create a signature cocktail of their choosing and have it judged by a panel!

Game-Inspired Corporate Bonding Ideas

Games are a surefire way to lift spirits and get everyone involved in the action within your organization. These can be games that everyone knows and loves or games that you make up! Either way, they’re sure to be a blast!

  • Have “board game day”. Get everyone involved in the fun by setting up popular board games that everyone already knows how to play. You can set the games up in different stations and let everyone pick what they want to play, or draw numbers to form teams and have everyone rotate every thirty minutes. This is sure to be a day that’s unforgettable for your crew. And hey, maybe the board games will even stick around the office after the event is over!
  • Host a game of bingo. Everyone knows how to play bingo! This can be a really fun way to get everyone involved on an individual level. You’ll need a bingo set, some bingo boards, and a charismatic host to keep the energy levels up. Have no fear–if this sounds like too much work, there’s a Team Building Unlimited event called Bingo Bongo that will have EVERYTHING covered for you! It’s one of the most popular and most highly requested events we offer, and that’s because of how much fun bingo truly is to play!
  • Set up card game championships. Card games are super fun and low-budget ways to have a really fun time bonding. Get a deck of cards or two, decide on a game for everyone to play, and host a championship-style series of games. Each participant plays the winner, and at the end the #1 player wins a prize!
Image of people putting their hands together during a fun corporate bonding activity

Corporate Bonding Activities that Incorporate Physical Activity

One of the primary benefits to adding corporate bonding activities to your work environment is the aspect of physical fitness. While some activities on our list are more physically demanding than others, we included this section for those who WANT to get their blood pumping while having fun with their coworkers!

  • Host a field day! On a day when the weather looks like it will be nice, host a field day event for your team! You can set up lots of fun games in the parking lot. Some ideas include a sack race, a three-legged race, tug of war, and an egg-and-spoon race! You can also search for some games that involve even less physical activity or alternate options to the games you choose to ensure that everyone can participate in your field day. Team Building Unlimited offers a really fun team building spin on a field day called Team Olympics. Participants are broken into teams to compete in both athletic and non-athletic games and challenges. The best part? You don’t have to plan the event or provide any supplies. You can sit back and relax as we handle it all for you!
  • Play a sports game together. Get your team together and get ready for a day of fun! Pick a sport that will be easy to get everyone involved with, and preferably one that you already have the necessary gear for. A game of basketball is usually a fun way to get everyone involved–all you’ll need is a basketball and to find a hoop somewhere! Another great option is a game of kickball. All you’ll need to provide is the ball, and you can make the bases out of anything you can find laying around! At Team Building Unlimited, we also offer a really fun Dodge It dodgeball team building event!

Corporate Bonding through Entertainment

The best entertainment always brings people together! Utilize some of these ideas to incorporate entertainment into your corporate bonding experience.

  • Hire a professional entertainer. One really cool way to plan a bonding activity is to hire a professional entertainer. What kind of entertainment would your team appreciate? Hire a magician to perform mind-boggling tricks, invite a face painter to the office to give everyone a new look for the day, hire a hypnotist to put on an unforgettable show, or book a comedian to tell hilarious jokes! The possibilities can truly be endless here. 
  • Go to a show or concert together. A really spectacular way to bond with your team is to invite them out to a show or a concert. Imagine how much you would all have to talk about after spending the night at an awesome show!

Corporate Bonding for Smaller Groups

Whether you only have a small group in your office or you want to break up the large group to make the bonding experience more intimate, these ideas are ideal for smaller groups. Oftentimes, people will feel more comfortable sharing and participating within a smaller group rather than one large group. 

These ideas are also great for incorporating alongside some of the activities for larger groups.

  • Create a book club. Reading stories together can be a great way for people to bond, as it provides a discussion point for individuals. Create an office book club and invite those who want to join to help choose a book for everyone to read. As you read through the stories together, you’ll be able to meet at lunchtime to talk about what’s happening in the book. By the time you are all done reading through the story, you and the rest of the book club will be closer than ever before!
  • Go on a hiking excursion. Soak in the great outdoors alongside your colleagues by planning a fun hiking or even camping excursion. Spend the day exploring nature instead of sitting in the office. 
Cartoon image of people working together while completing a team building activity

How Team Building Unlimited Can Facilitate Your Next Corporate Team Bonding Event

Ready to get to work? Not sure where to start? We get it! Planning a team building event can be quite daunting, so that’s why we’re here to help!

Incorporating team bonding into your daily work life using simple games, prompts, and activities is definitely doable with a little bit of extra effort.

However, planning a team bonding event that is truly remarkable and unforgettable for all members of your team can be quite complicated. Especially if you don’t have a whole lot of time to devote to planning.

It’s time to get your team together and work toward generating more success for your organization. We’re here to tell you that it truly does all start with team building.

We’ll work with you to create the perfect event for your organization!

The team here at Team Building Unlimited has many years of experience with formulating corporate bonding games events and activities. That’s why we’re confident that our tips and tricks will be useful no matter the industry that you’re in (or how picky your team members can be!). 

Every team is different. We get that! The first thing that we will do is work with you to decide on an event and/or activity that really feels right for your team’s needs. 

How we plan your event

We have something for everyone, with over 60 different types of events to choose from.

From there, we can work to tailor the event of your choosing to your needs. Have a remote-only team that you’re trying to get all on the same page? No problem. Almost all of our events can be altered to fully function as virtual events.

We will work with you to nail down all of the details. How many participants will there be? When is the best date and time to host the event? What aspects of team building and bonding are you really trying to target? What are some of your main concerns when it comes to team bonding?

When it comes time to actually host the event, we will provide all of the necessary supplies, games, and gear for the activity of your choosing. You don’t have to worry about anything!

We will also act as “hosts” for your event. This means everyone (even you!) will be able to participate in the activity. No one will have to sit on the sidelines to keep score, ask the questions, or act as a mediator.

Contact us with any questions or concerns

We are here to help you with hosting and customizing your event at many different locations with amazingly fun results-driven themes. Let’s get started with planning the event of your dreams!

If you’d like to avoid the stress and headache of planning an event, you can leave the entire thing to us! Feel free to give us a call at 609-443-6550 or send us a message anytime!


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