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Based out of New Jersey & Florida. Offering events across the U.S. and globally. Fully portable.
When The Boss Takes Your Team Offsite…Where Are You?
August 31, 2021
by Mary Ann Romano

Getting Involved and Being a Team Player Helps to Build a Stronger Culture and Connection

What a welcome break to get out of the office for a couple of days even if it’s for work!  A change of scenery does us all some good. Typically, a lot of planning and organizing happens to ensure the time is utilized for the betterment of the team/group.  As an event planner and team building facilitator for over 20 years, I’ve seen and been a part of (first hand) the process, time and money spent.

Your boss is counting on this offsite meeting/retreat to strengthen the team, collaborate, address company issues, set goals, develop ideas and programs, inform, and build team unity. It’s the company’s investment in you as a part of the team. It may also serve as a reward and show of appreciation, especially if the location rocks!

Over the years, I have witnessed countless times when a company goes out of its way to provide activities, events, and team building to foster team spirit, build rapport, and increase social interaction.  The participant count for these events should reflect the number of people attending…after all this is a scheduled part of the meeting your boss has paid for on your behalf and wants everyone to be a part of. I don’t think I’ve ever been asked to design an event to unify half the team.   I am a firm believer “networking” events are typically glorified cocktail hours where you only talk to the people you already feel comfortable with and stay in your “clique”.  Not exactly building team cohesiveness.

Most companies will look to include some fun, entertaining activities or team-building events to provide a mental and social break from the work agenda.  These are purposeful activities and events designed to be a part of the meeting. Yet, I will see anywhere from a handful to many people “give the slip” and go to their rooms or hang at the bar.  Those that do attend show up as part of the team, ready to play trivia, go on scavenger hunts, compete in a game show, do charity give-back events etc. It’s not about what they will do but the fact that they will do it as a member of the TEAM!

Instead of detaching yourself from a scheduled team activity or event…put in the effort to support everyone else for showing up and being part of the team.  The most successful teams I have worked with (coincidentally) have the strongest culture and connection as a team. There is no “I” in team and there shouldn’t be anyone drinking alone at the bar or taking a nap when the group is bonding!

Show up, put your smile on, you may just have some fun and get to know someone on your team better. Not to mention your boss will see you as a team player, not M.I.A.


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