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Based out of New Jersey & Florida. Offering events across the U.S. and globally. Fully portable.
When Did Building Team Rapport Become Optional?
July 1, 2020
by Mary Ann Romano

Building Team Rapport is Not Optional | It Should Be Mandatory

When did building team rapport and unity become optional? Building “culture” is about EXPECTING your team to participate as a team in all company meetings and events. As CEO of my company, I expect my employees to be part of everything we do to promote the growth and development of the team. It’s NOT an option.

Here’s the message I perceive if I’m one of only 60% that showed up for an online team building event during work hours…the other 40% feel they don’t have to belong to this team…only when they feel like it. With proper notification to clear calendars, there is no excuse to have such poor attendance during PAID WORK HOURS.

Recently heard a large pharma company put a cap of $25pp for team building, yet sends expensive snack boxes and logo attire every week/month. That adds to company culture and connecting your team how?

Companies EXPECT members to attend the weekly virtual team meeting, but won’t make a team-building event mandatory during work hours. It would be addressed if someone missed a team meeting(s) to do “something else” when that hour is expected for everyone to attend for the good of the team and company…why is building culture and team connected-ness any less valuable? I would think it’s needed more during this socially disconnected time.

Seems many employees are “allowed” to excuse themselves from “needing” to be part of team activities and building team community. That’s a company culture set by those that value only the monetary results of the team. As long as numbers are hit, sales are high, you don’t care how the team gets along. Very finite. Maybe making ALL activities during work hours mandatory…sends a stronger message of being part of a team or not.


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