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Based out of New Jersey & Florida. Offering events across the U.S. and globally. Fully portable.




Host a team building event your colleagues won’t soon forget!
Have a team that needs to do some healthy bonding? Team Building Unlimited brings fun and exciting team building events and activities to organizations within Wilmington, Delaware.

Events that your team will LOVE
When creating their unique and one-of-a-kind events, Team Building Unlimited wanted to take every kind of group into mind. They offer plenty of competitive games, many of which team members may have even played before. For example, one of their most popular games, Bingo Bongo, is a game of bingo that has been specifically designed for team building!

Other games incorporate a more creative aspect. Cake Wars, for example, involves team members working together to decorate the best cake of the bunch!

VIP Chefs

You may be used to working with your team at the office, but what about in the kitchen!? VIP Chefs is an awesome culinary team building experience in which team members will learn about each other through food preparation, cooking, and dining together! The group will pick out and find ingredients, cook a complete meal, and then enjoy their delicious creation all at one table.

Mixology – Glass It Up!

Think you have what it takes to create the perfect cocktail? This exciting team building event allows team members to put their cocktail skills to the test within small groups. The judging panel will then choose their favorite cocktail to determine the winning team!

Bingo Bongo

Bingo Bongo is essentially your classic game of bingo, but with an awesome team building twist to it! Everyone on the team will have the same chance at winning one of the fun prizes offered by the games’ zany hosts.

The Q Challenge

The Q Challenge is an online game show bonding event that involves between 6 and 8 fun games and challenges! Teams of 10 will have a specified amount of time to virtually solve challenging games through this event filled with friendly competition and fun!

Totally Board

One thing is for sure: your team WON’T be bored while playing Totally Board! This event is a great way for teams to give back to their community. Totally Board involves building and designing skateboards for local, underprivileged children. Team members will have the opportunity to become mentors as they help kids to build and decorate their very own skateboard, helmets, backpack, and safety pad. This event can be done with or without kids present.

Give a Hand

Bring inspiration to your team and show compassion through the amazing Give a Hand event. Team members will have the chance to give back to their communities in a huge way as they spend time building prosthetic hands for amputees during the activity. These are needed by thousands of amputees across the world and will have an impact far beyond the bond the your team builds during the event.


More team building events in Wilmington, DE
For more team building events offered in Wilmington, see Team Building Unlimited’s team building page. Team Building Unlimited is extremely flexible in the sense that they offer their full catalog of events across multiple cities on the east coast (and beyond!). Check out the locations we serve to find a city near you or for more information.

Also, check out virtual team building events!
Because so much of the workforce has begun to transition to virtual or long distance style working situations, Team Building Unlimited has curated a great mix of virtual team building events in Wilmington, DE, along with their standard in-person events.

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