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Throw a team building event in Washington DC!
Get the team together for a team building event in Washington DC! It’s time now to ramp up the connection between colleagues and improve the communication within your workplace. Team Building Unlimited offers a wide variety of different activities and events in the Washington DC area. 

Events, Activities, and Games that are sure to bring on smiles!
Our goal at Team Building Unlimited is to lift spirits, encourage healthy competition, and get your team laughing! Whether you think your group will be into more competitive game show style games, more creative activities, or even delicious culinary-inspired events… you’re sure to plan an event that your team will love! 

Browse through some of the team building events offered in Washington DC below, and also check out all of the events offered by Team Building Unlimited.

The Q Challenge

The Q Challenge is an online game show bonding event that involves between 6 and 8 fun games and challenges! Teams of 10 will have a specified amount of time to virtually solve challenging games through this event filled with friendly competition and fun!

The Ultimate Game Show

The Ultimate Game Show is a competition game show-style team building activity. The game itself is more than just one simple game and requires FULL participation from everyone playing–that’s what makes it such an awesome team building activity! Play through 8+ games and challenges to unite your teams in friendly competition and fun. Everyone on your team will be laughing as they compete to win the “game show”!

Bingo Bongo

A game that everyone already loves and knows how to play, Bingo Bongo is a themed game of bingo that has been adapted to make for the coolest team-building event out there! Everyone will have the same chance to win as the game is played individually. The Team Building Unlimited staff gives out prizes to winners of each game!

Salsa & Sangria Challenge

Now this a food challenge that you won’t want your team to miss out on! Teams of ten or more will create their own signature salsa and sangria. The final products are presented to a panel of judges who will determine the winner! Don’t want to include sangria in your challenge? No problem! This event can be adapted to be a Salsa Challenge only if preferred.

Level Up Scavenger Hunt

Who doesn’t love a scavenger hunt?! Level-Up Scavenger Hunt is an exciting game that requires searching and finding specified items within a given period of time. The first team to complete the scavenger hunt wins! Teams get more and more competitive as the game goes on—with each new level, point values rise!

Give a Hand

Bring inspiration to your team and show compassion through the amazing Give a Hand event. Team members will have the chance to give back to their communities in a huge way as they spend time building prosthetic hands for amputees during the activity. These are needed by thousands of amputees across the world and will have an impact far beyond the bond the your team builds during the event.


The Many Advantages of Team Building
Still not sold on throwing a corporate team building event for your office? It’s important to note that there are a whole lot of advantages to taking time out of the busy work week to spend on exciting team building events. Employees are likely to feel more bonded, which can lead to increased workplace communication, skyrocketed motivation levels, increased self-confidence, and improved work ethic. You’ll notice that your colleagues will become more productive on a day-to-day basis. It’s worth it! Begin planning your Washington DC team building event and you’ll be the hero of the office in no time!

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