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Based out of New Jersey & Florida. Offering events across the U.S. and globally. Fully portable.





Bringing Mindful Play to Your Team!
Here at Team Building Unlimited, we believe in the power of play and brilliance outside of the office. We are passionate about creating the most energizing and creative team building events out there. Give your team the chance to build camaraderie and bring out the very best in each other as they take their corporate mask off and get involved with the team!

Plan Your Corporate Bonding Event in Princeton, NJ
Team Building Unlimited offers events not only throughout the entire state of NJ, but also across the globe. Browse through some of our most popular events offered in Princeton and be sure to check out a complete list of over 50 exciting events we offer.

VIP Chefs

You may be used to working with your team at the office, but what about in the kitchen!? VIP Chefs is an awesome culinary team-building experience in which team members will learn about each other through food preparation, cooking, and dining together! The group will pick out and find ingredients, cook a complete meal, and then enjoy their delicious creation all at one table.

The Ultimate Game Show

This event is a game show with a team-building twist! One of our most popular events, the game involves 8+ exciting games and challenges that are meant to unite players in friendly competition!

Full participation is required from every team member, so the motivation will be at an all-time high!

Bingo Bongo

A game that everyone already loves and knows how to play, Bingo Bongo is a themed game of bingo that has been adapted to make for the coolest team-building event out there! Everyone will have the same chance to win as the game is played individually. The Team Building Unlimited staff gives out prizes to winners of each game!

Cake Wars

Cake Wars is an event that was designed to feel exactly like the baking shows! Team members will be placed into teams of 10 to work together to decorate, design, and present the cake of their dreams. Teams will have the chance to win bonus decorative ingredients through mini challenges that just might push them through the finish line! Who’s the real cake boss of the office?

Level Up Scavenger Hunt

Who doesn’t love a scavenger hunt?! Level-Up Scavenger Hunt is an exciting game that requires searching and finding specified items within a given period of time. The first team to complete the scavenger hunt wins! Teams get more and more competitive as the game goes on—with each new level, point values rise!

Team Olympics

Team Olympics provides your team with the opportunity to be active and bond while doing so! This event is held half indoor and half outdoor, with the goal of uniting your group in a social and competitive atmosphere through fun games. Both athletic and non-athletic games are included to allow for participants of all ages and abilities to have an awesome time! Which team is going to win the gold medal?


Why Team Building?
Corporate team building events have gained popularity in the past few years and it’s for a good reason. Setting aside time for employees to get out of the office and engage in interactive events that challenge them to think can really have tremendous effects on the workplace. Individuals who participate in the events have shown an increase in productivity, improved communication, an increase in motivation to do well at work, and even the expression of brand new leadership skills.

Bring your team up to the next level by hosting an enjoyable team building event with Team Building Unlimited. We can promise you one thing—we will have everyone in the room laughing, smiling, and putting their powerful brains to good use!

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