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Bring the Fun to your NYC Team
Everyone knows that New York City is known as “the land of opportunity”. Filled with an abundance of intelligent, extremely hard workers, New York City is one of the greatest places in the world to host a team-building event because of how large and diverse their incredible workforce is. You can’t argue that a hardworking team deserves an awesome pick-me-up every now and then!

Mindful PLAY!
We believe in the power of play and brilliance outside the office! We are passionate about creating energizing and creative team-building events. Build camaraderie and bring out the best in each other.

Browse Team Building Events & Activities offered in NYC
Below is a list of team building events in New York City offered by Team Building Unlimited. Be sure to also check out the complete list of team-building events and activities offered in the NYC area.

The Ultimate Game Show

The Ultimate Game Show is a competition game show-style team building activity. The game itself is more than just one simple game and requires FULL participation from everyone playing–that’s what makes it such an awesome team building activity! Play through 8+ games and challenges to unite your teams in friendly competition and fun. Everyone on your team will be laughing as they compete to win the “game show”!

The Q Challenge

Similar to the Ultimate Game Show, the Q Challenge is a competition and game show-style kind of competition. The difference lies in the fact that The Q Challenge is a completely online virtual game show, which is great for companies with remote or hybrid employees, as well as companies with employees who are in different locations. This is a great way to host a team building event in NYC that unites employees that live both in the city and beyond!

Bingo Bongo

A game that everyone already loves and knows how to play, Bingo Bongo is a themed game of bingo that has been adapted to make for the coolest team-building event out there! Everyone will have the same chance to win as the game is played individually. The Team Building Unlimited staff gives out prizes to winners of each game!

Cake Wars

Cake Wars is a fun team building event that incorporates culinary skills, creativity, and critical thinking! To win, your team will have to put their heads together and “think outside of the cake box”! The design, color, theme, and presentation of your cake will determine who the TRUE cake bosses are! Teams can even win fun bonus decorative ingredients through mini challenges!

Clap It!

What makes Team Building Unlimited’s Clap It team building event so fun is that it’s easy for everyone to do! Clap It uses synchronized clapping as an expressive way for teams to collaborate and unite as a team. Teams can utilize their creative sides by clapping along to music and performing together at their very best!

Totally Board

Totally Board is one of Team Building Unlimited’s best team building activities offered in New York City… and it’s for a great reason. Totally Board unites team members for a great cause, as participants will spend their time working together to build skateboards for local, underprivileged children. The team will decorate skateboards and helmets and will also receive backpacks and safety pads!


Incredible Results for Your Team
Studies show that taking time out of the busy work schedule for team building events can have many great effects on the the team’s productiveness within the work place. Team building activities make for improved communication among employees, improved morale as confidence levels begin to rise, and increased motivation. Team Building Unlimited offers everything you’ll need to host a team building event in New York that your colleagues won’t soon forget.

More Team Building Events in New York City
Team Building Unlimited is here to help you take your corporate mask off, get out of you and into your team! Check out all of the team building activities and events offered by Team Building Unlimited within the NYC area to discover the perfect event for your team. One thing’s for sure–you’ll soon be known as the hero of the office in no time!

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