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Based out of New Jersey & Florida. Offering events across the U.S. and globally. Fully portable.




Bring Your Team Together with a Team Building Event in Boston
Become the hero of your Boston-based team by planning an exciting corporate team building event! Lucky for you, Team Building Unlimited has everything you’ll need to plan and execute the most fun event ever.

Why team building?
Team building events and activities are becoming popular for a good reason. Hosting these kinds of events for corporate teams can have tremendous benefits for employees, both in and out of the office. It has been found that engaging in fun team building events with colleagues helps to improve morale, encourage communication, and boost productivity at work. 

Being planning a team building event in Boston, MA
If you’re ready to start planning your event, you’ve come to the right place! Below are some of the most popular events Team Building Unlimited offers in the Boston, MA area. For more, check out their complete list of events!

Cake Wars

Cake Wars is a fun team building event that incorporates culinary skills, creativity, and critical thinking! To win, your team will have to put their heads together and “think outside of the cake box”! The design, color, theme, and presentation of your cake will determine who the TRUE cake bosses are! Teams can even win fun bonus decorative ingredients through mini challenges!

The Ultimate Game Show

Ultimate Game Show is exactly what it sounds like (plus so much more!). In this team building activity, team members will compete in a fun game show-style competition. Over 8 fun and competitive games are played in teams to determine a winner! The games played throughout the competition are a perfect mixture of classic and original. This is a team building event that is sure to not only keep everyone on their toes, but to have the entire room erupting in laughter!

The Q Challenge

Similar to the Ultimate Game Show, the Q Challenge is a competition and game show-style kind of competition. The difference lies in the fact that The Q Challenge is a completely online virtual game show, which is great for companies with remote or hybrid employees, as well as companies with employees who are in different locations. This is a great way to host a team-building event in Boston that unites employees that live both in the city and beyond!

Bingo Bongo

A game that everyone already loves and knows how to play, Bingo Bongo is a themed game of bingo that has been adapted to make for the coolest team-building event out there! Everyone will have the same chance to win as the game is played individually. The Team Building Unlimited staff gives out prizes to winners of each game!

Level Up Scavenger Hunt

Who doesn’t love a scavenger hunt?! Level-Up Scavenger Hunt is an exciting game that requires searching and finding specified items within a given period of time. The first team to complete the scavenger hunt wins! Teams get more and more competitive as the game goes on—with each new level, point values rise!

Bridge to Success

Unleash your inner engineer! Bridge to Success will require your team to get creative and think critically as they design and construct a 30 foot long bridge made only out of newspaper, cardboard, and a limited collection of other supplies. Each individual team will be responsible for a different section of the bridge and at the end, an RCV must be able to navigate across the team’s bridge to reach success!


Team Building Events Crafted for Success
Team Building Unlimited takes great pride in the fact that all of their team building events and activities offered are not only lots of fun, but also super effective in bringing team members together. We believe that working together through challenges, engaging in some friendly competition, and allowing the room to fill with laughter are some of the primary keys to success in the workplace! Allow us to help you take your team to the next level by planning your next event with us.

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