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Executive Coaching for Effective Team Building and Development Strategies
July 1, 2024
by Mary Ann Romano
executives learning through team building

Executive Leadership Trends Shaping the Corporate World

A January 2024 article published by the Institute for Management Development (IMD) explained how the global business landscape is going through a period of high competitiveness. This level of competitiveness was last seen during the dot-com bubble of the late 20th century. The current pace of business development requires executives to think about making their organizations more dynamic and robust.

Senior IMD faculty members made recommendations to corporate leaders that ensure they have what it takes to deal with tight competition. Many S&P 500 firms are looking for effective methods to expand the cognitive and behavioral range of executives and senior managers. Three trends developing in this regard are:

  • Promoting wellness
  • Experimentation
  • Leading with purpose

Let’s take a closer look at what these trends entail and how you can begin to implement them with our services.


Wellness Through Charitable Team Building

Work-related stress often begins when employees do not feel engaged. This is when they start treating their jobs as a grind, and it can gradually devolve into a risk to wellness in the workplace. An effective way to promote engagement is to have employees work together on a charitable cause. Our Culinary for a Cause activity can turn your team into gourmet cooks who prepare meals for homeless families, veterans, and other members of the community.


Getting Into the Right Mindset to Solve Problems

Business processes are changing rapidly. There was a time when a penchant for experimentation was not considered a strong leadership trait. However, that time morphed into a need for problem-solving corporate leaders willing to make various adjustments to test what works. This involves being skilled at trying, learning, and trying again. Corporate teams who bring this to our attention tend to go for our Mission Possible activity. Team members come together as they solve problems and complete various challenges to complete a fun mission.


Establish a Purpose With Business Coaching

When Satya Nadella was appointed CEO of Microsoft in 2014, the company went through various rounds of business coaching designed to instill a specific purpose among executives and senior managers. The purpose was to ensure that leaders could make the right decisions whenever new products fell behind the competitive curve. Business coaching is one of our most requested services, and it often gears toward executives wanting to become better leaders. For more information about business coaching, corporate trends and how we can help you navigate the business landscape, contact Team Building Unlimited today.


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