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Based out of New Jersey & Florida. Offering events across the U.S. and globally. Fully portable.
Corporate Teams Build Strength Together As They Return to Offices with Team Building Unlimited
September 15, 2021
by Hope Horwitz

Team Building Unlimited Helps Corporate Teams to Build Strength As They Return To Their Offices

As life is returning to normal, companies and businesses are going back to the office. Team Building Unlimited (TBU) uses its unique skills to help with the morale, rebirth, and growth of strong internal teams. Ready to aid in building excitement and team bonding for companies all over the country, owner and operator Mary Ann Romano and her team of six women bring 20 years of experience providing outstanding team building, events, facilitation, and business coaching.  TBU is focused on making every event and program fresh, unique, and unforgettable.

Romano co-founded a teambuilding company called Simple Creations in 2003. TBU is a fresh, rebrand of Simple Creations that is ready to go with today’s technology and more. Romano’s corporate training, educational background, and dynamic leadership delivers virtual, hybrid, and in-person events that meet the needs of any team and company. In June 2021, TBU held its first in-person event since the pandemic began. “Our Mission Possible event was a huge hit. It really connected the team at Schindler Elevator Company,” she said. “This event helped them to see each other for who they are as people, rather than battling in the board room. We made sure to mix the Mission Possible teams up throughout the day to allow everyone to work together.” When the event was over, Romano asked everyone how they felt about the day. “We really built trust, we really unified,” she said their response was. “I could really see how powerful the day was. They really needed to play together, and it was such a transformation.”

While it has always been important to build corporate teamwork, the pandemic has heightened the separation of people. It has hurt social skills and companies must be sensitive to the emotional and social well-being of their employees. “That means if you’re only virtual or only together a day or two a week, it really affects people who used to be together all the time,” Romano explained. “When leadership builds a culture of comradery, appreciation, and an enjoyment to be at work for their teams, people produce more in their jobs. We know that every team has different needs. That’s why we really take the time to understand what their needs are. This allows every one of our events to be unique and specific to each client and is why we have over 300 different events.”

TBU offers both virtual and in-person team-building events, leadership coaching, and meeting facilitation. Of the more than 300 event offerings, companies can choose from such events as The Game Show, Bingo Bongo, Name That Tune with a live piano (when available), Team Olympics, and Level Up Scavenger Hunt. TBU can lead more thought-provoking events like Dream & Gratitude Journaling and a Predictions-Mentalist Show. For the over 21 group, Romano can bring a Mixology & Magic, Painting with Red Wine, Drag N’ Sangria, and more. If people are passionate about food, TBU also offers Cake Wars, a Salsa Challenge, VIP Chefs and more.

Romano has also created a series of Charity Give Back events. “I am extremely passionate about inspiring and motivating people,” she said. “I receive such a strong reward knowing that I have made a difference for a group or an individual and I want to share that joy with others.”  The GR8 Skate Event allows corporate teams to construct and build skateboards for underprivileged kids. And, when possible, the kids are there at the end to receive their skateboards as a surprise or even to work in tandem with the participants during the event to help build and decorate their skateboards. “Skateboards can last a child nearly their entire childhood. They don’t grow out of them the way you can outgrow a bike. It is a great means of affordable, environmentally-friendly transportation that is both fun and healthy,” Romano said when asked about this GiveBack event. She also ensures that every skateboard comes with a backpack to carry it, a helmet, and elbow pads. Other Give Back events can include creating foster bags for families who receive babies, Bears for Kids of Domestic Violence, Giving A Hand (making prosthetic hands for third world countries) and so many more. “Small acts of kindness will make the world a better place,” Romano believes.

About Team Building Unlimited:

Mary Ann Romano sits at the helm of Team Building Unlimited, a full-service corporate event planning company that delivers engaging team building, corporate team building, events, meeting facilitation, emceeing, and business coaching. With more than 20 years of experience, Romano leads events virtually, hybrid, in-person in the company office, or in-person at a remote location including hotels, conference centers, parks, museums and more. Team Building Unlimited highlights Romano’s creative talents, motivational speaking, leadership, and sense of humor to ensure that each and every event is fun, engaging, memorable, and successful. It’s all about being passionate, inspiring, and uniting people. For more information, visit https://teambuildingunlimited.com/, call 609-443-6550 or email events@teambuildingunlimited.com.


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