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25 In-Person and Virtual Charity Team Building Activities that Make a Huge Difference
May 6, 2022
by Mary Ann Romano
Team Building Events for Charity

One of the pieces that is commonly missing from the average corporate team building event is the giving-back factor.

Giving your team and organization the chance to work together to build or create something that makes a difference for those in need within their local community is one of the greatest things that can be done in terms of corporate bonding.  It’s an amazing way to get your team out of their comfort zones and working together in new and innovative ways.

Image of hands making a heart showing the love that radiates from charity team building events

Giving Back Through Team Building

Here at Team Building Unlimited, we have made it a priority to create team building events that give back and make a huge difference in local communities. We offer a lot of different events to choose from, so whether your team is looking for a more athletic challenge, more of a game show event, or an event where they can show more of their artistic side… we offer something for every group!

Our offices are located in New Jersey and Orlando, so we have amazing connections to local charities in those locations. However, we do offer our services across the nation and we are happy to work alongside your organization to make new partnerships with local charities, schools, hospitals, organizations, and more.

What Makes Charity and Team Building So Important?

When you incorporate giving back into your team building activities, it does a few things for your team.

Help Your Local Communities

First, and most importantly, it helps those in need within the community. Just as performing individual acts of kindness are important, doing so as an organization is also very important in order to help those in need.

Builds Pride for Your Organization

But secondly, it also gives your team members a sense of pride and ownership for their company. It shows  that their company cares about more than just making money… they care about their community and giving back.

Corporate Bonding and Trust Building

Plus, when your team is working together for a common goal that isn’t just about making sales or hitting quotas, it brings them closer together and helps them to communicate better. They learn to trust each other more and work together more efficiently.

Get Started: Reach Out to Charities in Your Area

If you want to host a team building event with an aspect of giving back to the community, the first step is to try reaching out to local charities in your area to see what they need. They may be able to provide you with some ideas of what other organizations similar to yours have done in the past, or they may even invite you to come see their facility and help out in person.

Some ideas of local facilities you can reach out to may include:

  • Soup kitchens
  • Hospitals
  • Animal shelters
  • Homes for the elderly
  • Recreational centers for children with disabilities
  • Clothing donation centers
  • Local food banks

These are just a few examples, but the possibilities are endless!

If you want to get your team involved in virtual charity team building activities, there are also many options available. You can hold virtual food drives, donation drives, or even create care packages to send to those in need. The options are limitless when it comes to giving back and your team will be so proud to be a part of it!

In-Person Charity Give Back Events

Here at Team Building Unlimited, we take pride in hosting great charity team building events. Below are a few of the in-person events we offer for team building.

Totally Board: Totally Board is an in-person charity giveback team building event in which team members have the chance to build and design skateboards that are to be donated to underprivileged kids that live locally. 

Give a Hand: This event gives back to those in need in a HUGE way. For the Give a Hand event, participants will build prosthetic hands to be donated to amputees around the world.

Brave Turtles in the Hospital Book Bags: Your team will have the chance to bring smiles to children in the hospital with the Brave Turtles in the Hospital Book Bags event. Participants will stuff snuggly turtle stuffed animals, decorate book bags, and stuff them with the toy and a children’s book.

Comfy Covers: Comfy Covers is another in-person charity giveback team building event that gives the local community the gift of warmth and comfort. Team members will work together to hand tie micro-fleece blankets that will be donated to homeless shelters, military bases, hospitals, and more. Donations will go to both adults and children!

Culinary with a Cause: Give your community the gift of a delicious meal! The Culinary with a Cause team building event allows participants to make breakfast, lunch, or dinner for an amazing cause! The meals will be donated to veterans, seniors, homeless families, and more.

Green Thumb Project: The Green Thumb Project is exactly what it sounds like… a dream come true for anyone with a “Green Thumb”! The team will work together to landscape and beautify local areas such as historical landmarks, nursing homes, schools, and any additional areas that may need some sprucing up! Add some beauty to the community alongside your team.

Mall Make-Over: The Mall Make-Over event involves teams being allocated a set dollar amount to “make over” one or two members of their team at the mall. All of the clothing items purchased during the event are donated to charity at the end of the event!

Ronald McDonald House Family Bags: The Ronald McDonald House Family Bags team building event donates directly to the Ronald McDonald House charity, which is present is almost every major city. Team members will create bags full of essentials and necessities that families may need while their children are staying at hospitals.

Sock Cupcakes: In the Sock Cupcakes event, team members will literally create mini “cupcakes” made up of non-slip, fuzzy hospital socks. These are then donated to hospital patients and local senior citizens.

Super Hero Bags: Bring out the super hero in you AND in local kids who need an extra smile! In the Super Hero Bags charity team building event, you and your team will work together to decorate capes and fun super hero bags filled with fun play items that will be donated to kids in need.

Table Sets & Birthday Boxes: One of our most unique charity team building events is the Table Sets & Birthday Boxes event. Teams will build tables and chair sets for local underprivileged kids. They’ll also assemble birthday boxes filled with fun goodies to ensure that no one’s birthday is forgotten. This event is so special as the table and chair sets are sure to be put to amazing use… kids will use these tables to read, play, eat, and learn new things!

Table Team Challenges: Table Team Challenges is a fun way for team members to participate in and compete in fun challenges to work towards a common goal of making a difference. Each team will earn items to fill their donation bags with as they win challenges.

Wheely Good Bikes: The Wheely Good Bikes event allows participants to donate bikes and biking equipment to local children in need! The teams will compete in various competitions to win bike tool kits, helmets, and more! The team that wins the most challenges gets to give back in the biggest way. All of the prizes they won will be donated!

Image of people working together at a clothing donation facility

Virtual Charity Team Building Events

While most of our charity team building events are in-person events because of how hands-on they are required to be, we do have lots of great ideas for making your virtual team building event into a charity give-back event.

Ultimate Game Show: This is our version of a really fun team building style game show. It’s made up of 8+ challenges that the team will have to compete in, testing their knowledge in different areas and engaging them in friendly competition. This is an event that we can do both virtually and in-person!

Art Mural Project: Art Mural Project is one of our most popular artsy team building events. Essentially each team member will be responsible for creating one piece of a really gorgeous mural. We love this one because it really does take the help of every single team member to make a gorgeous finished project! Donate your team’s finished project to a local business or a charity of your choosing. We can do this event in-person or virtually.

Ultimate Trivia Challenge: Have a bunch of team members interested in answering cool trivia questions? Allow the winners of the challenges to win a cash prize that they will be able to donate to a charity of their choosing! Ultimate Trivia Challenge is a thrilling game of trivia that can be done either in-person or virtually.

Ultimate Tune Name Game!: Similar to the Ultimate Trivia Challenge, Ultimate Tune Name Game! is essentially a game of trivia for music lovers. We will play a popular tune that everyone in your group should know and the first to name the tune wins! Winner gets to make a donation to a charity of their choosing. We also have live piano hosts you can add on to really take this event up a notch!

You’ve Got Talent: Who doesn’t love a talent show! You’ve Got Talent gives your team members the chance to show off all of their hidden talents and compete for a chance at the grand prize. Our energetic hosts work hard to make this event feel like a real-live version of “America’s Got Talent”!

More Charity Team Building Event Ideas

Looking for some super quick ways to facilitate a team building event AND incorporate the charity aspect on your own? Below are some quick ideas we’ve come up with that you can incorporate in your next meeting:

  • Allow team members to compete for a chance to win items that they will be able to donate to the charity of their choice.
  • Invite team members to volunteer at a soup kitchen as a group.
  • Set up an office food donation where employees can bring in canned goods, toiletries, and other necessities. Check with your local food bank first to see what they might need!
  • Set up an office clothing donation. Invite your team to bring in any clothing that they were looking to get rid of.
  • Create an office game or sports bracket with a cash prize that is contributed to by the entire team. Winner gets bragging rights and the cash prize gets donated!
  • Have an in-person or virtual bake-off where team members can submit videos or pictures of their baking creations. The team can vote on the best creation and donate the prize money to the charity of the winner’s choice!
  • Do an in-person or virtual walk/run where everyone commits to walking or running a certain number of miles. Have people on the team track their progress and donate money for every mile that is completed as a team!

There are endless possibilities for how you can turn your virtual team building event into a charity give-back event. Get creative and have fun with it! We guarantee that your team will love getting to participate in something that gives back.

Locations We Serve

Our offices are based out of New Jersey and Orlando, Florida, but we offer our team building event services across the nation.

We will help you to completely plan, host, and execute your event from start to finish. This includes working with you on making sure the charity aspect is all taken care of and goes as smooth as possible!

We have been partnering with local charities for years and have found these team building events to be some of our most successful and certainly our most meaningful.

If you’re ready to get started with planning your next team building event, give us a call at 609.443.6550 (National Office) or 407.768.0955 (Orlando Office), or book now through our site! 

We look forward to hearing from you and helping you plan the team building event of a lifetime!


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