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Based out of New Jersey & Florida. Offering events across the U.S. and globally. Fully portable.


Mary Ann Romano

Owner & CEO

it all started with cooking classes…

I’ve always had a love for teaching, coaching and motivating people. I have a degree in teaching, have done team building and coaching as well as a motivational speaking for over 30 years.  I spent my early years in the fitness industry as well as medical assisting in oncology and orthopedics. After the birth of my son, Justin I wanted to start a business that used my gifts, talents, and passions. A bout with breast cancer was a strong motivator in focusing my life.  I loved the idea of being in charge of my schedule, my work, my creativity, my destiny and being my own boss.  In 2002 I started a cooking school business looking to bring people “back into their kitchens” all while in the comfort of their own homes.  It was right on the cusp of Food Network just starting. We offered adult culinary cooking lessons, parties and kid’s parties that explored the meaning of ingredients, process, recipes, tastes and presentation.  We were a live, entertaining, culinary show with tasty results!

During one culinary cooking party the host mentioned how much her team at work would love this and could we do it as a corporate team building event?  She worked for J&J.  My business partner (at the time) and I looked at each other and knew we could not say “no”.  Born that day, our willingness, excitement, and determination to grow our team building programs for the corporate world. Our passionate mission was focused on inclusive, participatory events that provided opportunities for teams to unite, play and collaborate. Emphasis on the “fun factor”. Over the next 17 years we developed over 200+ team building events and charity give-back events with the ability to be portable and bring our events anywhere in the USA and world.

the birth of team building unlimited

COVID changed the world and businesses. Including mine. There was no hesitation in evolving and creating our team building events to meet this crisis head on…virtually. While the world felt segregated and disconnected, we were uniting teams with virtual Bingo Bongo, games shows and at home scavenger hunts. Zoom and Teams platforms had to offer more than just a meeting/workspace.  I am incredibly proud of our efforts, creativity, and gusto to help teams and companies still have some social interactions and fun.

   The first half of 2021 was a life changing time for me. It’s not about changing the world, its about changing yourself.  I was ready to continue this amazing journey at the helm of my own ship!  Welcome Team Building Unlimited, LLC. (Cue clap, applause, standing ovation!). Woman owned and an amazing all-woman team!  It was exciting to redesign a new logo to capture the essence of my company. Find a “dream team” to customize a new website and a fabulous PR director to help me spread the love!  TBU  will continue to provide unparalleled events and experiences, coaching, facilitation, emceeing and a strong commitment to supporting local communities and charities.

when your passion and business collide

I have never felt like my job was work.  It feels uplifting, inspiring, fresh, and rewarding every day. I love and appreciate the challenges it offers and opportunities to work with fantastic companies, businesses, universities, schools and charities. This is my “high” and drug of choice! Being in front of people, on a stage or with a microphone making people laugh, smile, and connect!

Cue rolling credits…thanks mom and dad for creating this feisty, independent, strong woman that will continue to make you proud!  Thank you Justin for being the most important mark I’ll leave on this planet. To my other family and friends that have just loved and supported me through everything…you are my rocks.  To my sweet Livvy…always by my side. You’re just purr-fect.  


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